IT Computer 8D Hologram Technology… How can we watch videos by...

8D Hologram Technology… How can we watch videos by 8D hologram Technology?


First of all, you know about hologram “It means make the three-dimension images by using laser light and other beams of light.” Hologram is basically 3 dimensional images. This technology used for making images by using laser rays and other beans of light. 3D hologram is making image in space, everyone seen it very easily without using 3D glasses. 3D hologram make the object which has four dimensions. After 4 D dimension here is 7D but in 7D hologram make the object which make image a lot of dimension. But now we read latest technology of 8D Hologram technology. our description is 8D Hologram Technology… How can we watch videos by 8D hologram Technology?

8D hologram technology method is capturing the high-quality hologram using the 8 parameters.7D hologram has large number of dimensions which show the image in large area as well as 8D dimension has more large space to show the image in a big area. In 8D hologram is like having bunch of photographers surrounding a subject. In 4D, the position of each photographer is described, in 2D the angle makes by camera. Each camera records light properties and time so the result is:4D position +2D angle + light properties + time = 8D

8-dimentional give you choice, you have choice to see this view with glasses and without glasses, it is capturing and reacting the environment and it provide user controlled light source. It provides two interacting possibilities. 1. Lens-array-base

2. real-time GPU-acceleration software. It also provides path which show the image in future. It also provides SIP (sensor in pixel) LCD, which allow to sensing and then display.”8D hologram technology…. How can we watch videos by 8D hologram Technology?”

How can 8D hologram technology work?

As we as a whole realize innovation is developing exceptionally quick after some time, yesterday we were discussing 2D and 3D and now our theme of dialog is 8D multi-dimensional image advances. We as a whole has found out about 2D and 3D innovation and a large portion of you has encountered these advancement 8D hologram technology, In straightforward words,8D Hologram technology is recording and catching of the light field rather Then pictures that can be seen without the guide of unique glasses or any middle the road optics. It disperses this recorded example of the light in this way it exhibits the subsequent picture. We record the intelligent power on the articles as well as the stage data. In this way, the 8D hologram technology, 4D image is the innovation of catching a high caliber of multi-dimensional image (wi 8 parameters). On the off chance that we separate between 4D multi-dimensional image innovation and 8D hologram technology visualization innovation, tan the primary distinction is that 8D 4D image is caught from a major number of positions that encompasses a subject or entire situation. 8D hologram technology visualization innovation implies 8 parameters or measurements and more than 8, we portray each situation in 4D space, dis position catch seeing course in 3D space, moreover, there are 2 parameters that we catch for every heading that is: time and force. In the event that we record stereo psis and profundity recognition parallel the subsequent picture move as watcher 8D hologram technology move.

As of late a Japanese group made a progressively practical picture design that can be contacted without damage like the feeling of consuming. It is anticipated that this innovation before long will wind up moderate enough as now it is being utilized in Dubai Malls, in films and other open spots. Indeed, even on typical Television sets, you can watch 8D hologram technology motion pictures. Think the World in 8D space, what influences it make on our lives and expectations for everyday comforts. Presently accompany me into the 8D hologram technology world multi-dimensional image innovation, envision you are available at more TEMP than 3 better places at the same time. To numerous homerooms, at the same time, you can convey an address and above all you can make a situation of TEMP you’re address as opposed to envisioning them. 8D Hologram technology show as real image. 8D Hologram Technology… How can we watch videos by 8D hologram Technology?

Presently we move further a stage, when dis innovation 3D image will be moderate, individual holographic projector empowers all understudies to go to an address in their lounge room or by for all intents and purposes present in their group. How cool it will be to interface a stay with brimming with English-talking individuals a room loaded with Spanish talking individuals so that without fly

overthe sea, they can participate in genuine discussion. Bringing our reality close has been a typical reason, very TEMP thanks to the different Internet advances that are effective to bring the general population of our reality close, 8D Hologram technology innovation including another measurement in dis point of view. 8D hologram technology can imagine one of its executions in the telecom field situation.

By reproducing you can perceive how TEMP your mind gathers and store recollections, how you perceive and how you overlook. Essentially, TEMP is itself a holographic projection made outside of time and space. 8D Hologram Technology… How can we watch videos by 8D hologram Technology?

Here is a video for getting more information.



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