It is the branch of science that study the structure, composition,  properties and reaction of matter. It deals with the every aspects of life. (simple). IT may also define as : the branch of science which is related with the mediums of which matter is made , the reactions of matter, inspection of their properties and used of their reactions to made other substances is called chemistry. It is the chemical properties ,strong mutual interaction and phenomena of substances.


                               Antoine Lavoisier” was contemplate as the father of modern chemistry. He was also a tax collector. He was credited  because he helped to establish the metric system. he was first to assemble that sulfur is an element in 1777. He was considered as father because he was first to discover that matter can change its shape or form but its mass remains same. His observations and contributions played very important role in proceeding  chemistry  to the level where physics and mathematics is reached.


                                                     The advancements of science and technology has provided us a lot of facilities in our daily life. It imaged the role and importance of petrochemical products , medicines and drugs , soap ,detergents, paper , plastics, paints and pigments , insecticides, pesticides which all are the fruit of effort of chemists. The development of chemical industry has also generated toxic wastes , contaminated water and polluted air around us. On the other hand, chemistry also provides knowledge and techniques to improve our health and environment and to explore and to conserve the natural resources. Chemistry is important , because it give us medicine that we used to treat illness. The chemical processes provide us food that we eat every day.


                                                                                              We are living in the world of chemistry . we all depend upon different living organisms which require water , oxygen or carbon dioxide for their survival . Today chemistry has a wide scope in all aspects of life and is serving the humanity day and night .Chemistry is divided into many branches , some of important branches are as follow :


                                                                       Physical chemistry is defined as the branch of chemistry in which we study the relationship between the composition and physical properties of matter along with changes in them . the properties includes structure of atom, formation of molecules , behavior of gases, liquid and solids , the study of effect of temperature or radiation on matter these are properties which is  study under this branch.

   Nuclear chemistry is defined as the branch of chemistry that deals with the radioactivity , nuclear processes and properties . The main concern of this branch is with the atomic energy and it uses in daily life. It also covers the study of chemical effects resulting from the absorption of radiation within animals, plants, and other materials . it has wide applications in medical treatment such as radiotherapy  , preservation of food and generation of electric power through nuclear reactors etc.


                                Biochemistry is the branch of chemistry in which we study the structure , composition , and chemical reactions of substances found in living organisms. This branch covers all chemical processes taking place in living organism like metabolism of biomolecules such as fats , protein and carbohydrates. this branch has vast application in the field of medicine , food science and agriculture etc.

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