Define Database and its Major Components


“A database is a collection of a data as well as programs required to manage that data. This system is used for data maintenance.”

Components of Database

The four components of database system are as follows:

  1. Data

Data is a collection of facts stored in the database. The basic purpose of database system is to store, maintain and process data for the user.

  1. Hardware

Computer’s all physical components called hardware.Different tasks such as input, output, storage and processing are performed by Hardware.

      Important components are follows:

  • Secondary storage
  • I/O Devices
  • Processors
  • Main Memory
  1. Software

Software is a term used for various kind of programs used to operate computers and related devices. The most important software is DBMS itself. It uses three types of software to enable the database system work properly. There are follows:

  • Operating System Software: It manages all hardware components. It also enables all other software to rum on the computer.
  • DMBS Software: It manages the database in the database system.
  • Application Programs and Utilities: These are used to access and process the data stored in the database.
  1. Personnel

Peoples who are related to database are calledpersonnel. Different types if persons in a database system are as follows:

  • Database Administrations: They manage DBMS’s use and ensure that database is functioning properly. They are responsible of the whole database system.

Application Programmers: For access data from database application programmers write application programs.

End Users: The people who use application programs to perform different tasks on database. They include clerks, managers and directors etc.

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