Free and best gaming software which you must have for gaming.


You’ve bought yourself a gaming PC / built one from scratch. Now it’s sitting in the pride of place in your office, just waiting to be pushed to its limits.

Whatever the origin, that humming mass of plastic and silicon is in need of superior software to take it to said limits.

The catch? You’ve to blow all your cash on your rig and now your bank balance is looking decidedly depleted.

The solution? Our carefully collated collection of the complimentary curatives, of course. These following free Windows apps will help turn your burgeoning beast into a towering powerhouse, enabling you to track frame rates, voice chat with ease, and stream like a seasoned pro.

  1. Steam

Valve’s essential PC gaming platform and marketplace

Okay, this one’s an easy sell. If you’ve built or bought a shiny new PC for the express purpose of gaming, there’s one piece of software you simply won’t be able to live without good Steam. Steam gives PC owners the kind of professional, secure, ecosystem normally associated with closed box consoles. You can search for all free to play games, inexpensive indies or full-blown triple-A titles, and launch them directly from the software.

The download link is available here…

  • Razer Cortex, Game Booster

Optimize your PC’s settings, no matter which gaming platformyou’re using

Razer, as a long-established maker of PC gaming peripherals,also makes some very powerful free software to optimize your machine for gaming.Of course, there are areas of the suite that will lead you to some of the Gazer’s premium apps, but there’s still a lot of gratis gold to be mined from the Razer Cortex:Game Booster.

It’s been designed to work with every kind of PC, so whether you’re rocking a basic build or a soaped-up monster of a rig, Game Booster has something to offer your machine. Whether you’re using Steam, Origin or any other platform to launch your favorite games, Game Booster will start trying to enhance your settings to improve your experience automatically.

It’s really clever bit of free software for your gaming PC (machines), and it’s ideal if you’re looking for a little extra improvement without much effort. It’s also great if you want to make an older PC work for a little harder.

  1. Launch box

Emulators and ROMs can be a touchy subject. Collectors will oftentimes prefer to play the original hard release of a video game title and of course, there is sometimes the legality side of things.However, if you’re looking to play those classic and old video game consoles and titles then chances are you downloaded a few ROMs & emulators but the whole process of managing the seamlessly playing and games a title is a bit cumbersome.

Instead of scrolling through a long list of video game titles on your hard drive, we suggest checking out Launch box. This is by far the best frontend for the emulator we’ve come across. This program neatly organizes your ROMs and emulators while allowing gamers to also use their controller to browse for a game to play with ease.

Games are oftentimes broken up in a plethora of categories making it even easier to locate a game. The program is free to download though if you wish to toss in a bit of money then we highly recommend going for the paid version which certainly opens up more tools and features which are well worth owning.


  1. F.lux

When it comes to displays, player soften seek out the vibrant panels with a slew of all features. From colors that pop to a brightness that can assure you’re not missing out on anything of the importance during those dark dungeon raids. However, when you begin to start playing the video game towards the evening hours, the bright and beautiful display can start to turn into an eyesore.

Late at night staring into the bright display can be a bit of a pain. Additionally, I’ve been known to hop onto the computer late at night & forget the display is cranked up to deal with the daylight into the room so you left with the bright annoying cast of light being sent directly into my eyeballs. Yeah, that’s no fun to deal with & luckily there’s a program to help aid you.

Introducing F.lux. F.lux is a program that can adjust your display depending on the time of day it is. If you’re jumping onto the PC early in the morning with a bright natural light which filling the room then your display will have been adjusted thanks to the time schedule settings.

With this program you can have a display that looks great no matter what time of the day it is & best of all, there’s no more fiddling with the settings yourself in the order to bring down the brightness.


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