Google Play Store VS App Store. Which one is best?


The never-ending battle between the two basic app store giants is continuing as always. Both Google Play Store vs Apple App Store have their own advantages & disadvantages.

In our latest blog post, we will explore the latest positioning of Google Play Store vs Apple App Store. By comparing them in various metrics, we will decide that who is ahead of the competition as of 2018.

Google Play Store vs Apple App Store; the Numbers

Now we will start exploring the competition between Google Play Store vs Apple App Store with some numerical data.


As of the first half of 2018, The Apple App Store steadily outpaced Google Play Store in terms of revenue generated. The suggestions of Results that Apple App Store generated almost double the revenue of Google Play Store on half the downloads.

In terms of dollars & cents, that’s $22.6 billion in worldwide gross app revenue on the App Store versus $11.8 billion for Google Play or, 1.9 times more spent on the Apple App Store compared with what was spent on Google Play.

It is very impressive that Apple App Store is able to reign supreme over Google Play Store when Android has a much larger global install base. Still, it is important to note that Google Play is not yet available in China country, a promising target market with a huge population, whereas the App Store is.

It is also worth noting that recently Apple App Store Hit $1 Trillion, Market Cap. The success of Apple App Store is obviously plays a key role in Apple’s historical success.

Visibility of Mobile Apps

Google Play Store

On other hands, Google has a model wherein if one searches for a query it will be matched with everything from the app name down to its description much like its search engine.

Google thus provides you with better visibility options so that your app finds its targeted audience whereas Apple is limited in its reach.

Apple App Store

In the iOS environment after having developed your app, what remains an issue is the visibility that your app receives. It’s important that your App reaches the targeted audience. The Apple’s model provides you with a checkbox to mention all the keywords for your app, & if someone is to find it in the store, they would have to search for one of those keywords that ultimately decreasing your visibility.

Varied Product Information

Google Play Store

Play Store provides an overall depth to your app through the help of screenshots & videos & at the same time keeping it discreet & interesting enough for users to download. Also, you get information about how other users are finding the app & you can filter comments so that you see them by the phone model comment leavers are using. You can even sort them to see the ones from your friends & family, so you can get a more personal endorsement from the app.

Apple Store

Apple believes in the policy of ‘the less the better’, with just some screenshots & bits of information scattered across two columns & if your app is paid, then finding more about it can be strenuous. The only help can come from the reviews, even those are not updated with the changes made in the app, but even that is changing with iOS 11.

Information about an iOS & Android app is extremely important to provide users with a pre-install notion of an app.

Earning Revenue

Google Play Store

On the other hand, Google only charges a one-time fee of $20 hence giving the freedom for Android app developers to publish as many apps they require. The atmosphere is much looser on the Play Store, & users have a much better time shopping for apps.

Apple Store

On the iOS store, a develop has to pay a hefty amount of $100 every year for every app they publish. As a result, Apple App Store apps are more expensive. Also, having the apps of guaranteed superior quality helps justify the inflated price tag.


Having provided the neutral stance on Google vs Apple Store, we would expect you to consider all the aspects in mind before deciding the platform for your app.

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