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How do I pitch myself as a freelancer? By Skillsscoop.com

Finding work is a top concern for freelancers. In fact, a whole host of pay-related issues are upsetting the present freelancers, who stress over the serious idea of the business, in the event that they’re being paid reasonably, and where they’ll secure their next writing position.

Pitching is a significant device in fighting such concerns. In case you’re a consultant who’s attempting to find work, pitching ought to be one of the top strategies you use (well, when you clean your writing portfolio).



What Is A Pitch?

A pitch is commonly viewed as a virus email to somebody – frequently somebody you don’t have the foggiest idea – to attempt to get work as a freelancer.

  •  The Freelance Hustle, we additionally think about a pitch.
  • Answering to independent or far off job postings.
  • Warm messages to individuals you definitely know and want to work with
  • Messages to past clients to get new projects
  • Sending messages on networking destinations like LinkedIn

Essentially, a pitch can be any type of correspondence with an individual or organization you want to work with that lets them know:

  1. What your identity is
  2. Why you want to work together
  3. What benefits you offer
  4. Why Pitching Is Important

For some, freelancers, pitching is the manner by which they get most of their clients. This is particularly valid for freelancers simply getting started who might not have the network of referrals or retainer clients required for full-time pay.

Keeping an eye out for clients to discover you isn’t actually the best way to deal with turning into a booked out freelancer. I would rather not break it to you, yet you could be holding up some time (and going belly up meanwhile)! That is the reason pitching is so significant.

Pitching = filling your schedule with customer work = cash = effective freelancer 🎉

In case you’re simply beginning, it’s pivotal to manufacture your network and your portfolio – and perhaps the quickest approaches to do this is by pitching. Pitching will bring clients in your network that typically wouldn’t have thought about you. According to my description, How do I pitch myself as a freelancer?

This offers you the chance to:

Get clients

Gain cash on projects

Add more projects to your portfolio or site

Fabricate your network of clients who can allude you

What’s more, on the off chance that you’ve been outsourcing for some time, however, regularly end up with openings in your timetable, pitching can assist you with having consistently reserved months.

At the point when you first begin outsourcing, pitching feels extremely startling. After you’ve done it a couple of times, it begins to turn out to be natural. It’s simply part of the job!    (Some portion of the job that makes you cash!)


Who To Pitch?

The initial step to getting started with pitching is making sense of who you ought to send pitches to.

How to pick your specialty?

The way into your achievement in showcasing your independent business (which incorporates pitching!) is having an away from of your specialty or perfect client.

Knowing your specialty or perfect client will assist with making your pitches more targeted and increasingly effective. At the point when you know in any event a few essential things about your optimal client, you can change your pitch to accommodate their existence, which will assist them with associating with you.

Ask yourself who you need to work with. Here are a few inquiries to get you began:

  1. What industry, would they, say they are in?
  2. What size is their organization?
  3. Where are they found?
  4. What is the activity title of the individual who is well on the way to employ you?
  5. What is their budget for a venture like yours?
  6. How frequently might you want to work together?

Start with these inquiries to get a thought of the individuals or organizations you’d prefer to begin pitching.

Now you can get the answer to this question, How do I pitch myself as a freelancer?

How to discover clients to pitch

Presently it’s time to begin exploring those forthcoming clients who coordinate your optimal client profile you made.

Start in light of individuals you may as of now have. Do you follow a specific business visionary, CEO, or blogger that you couldn’t want anything more than to team up with? Perhaps there’s a product organization you totally love. Or then again perhaps there are a few neighborhood organizations in your general vicinity that work with truly cool clients, and you need on their rundown of temporary workers.

Record them all!

To keep that rundown developing, do some inventive scanning by searching for comparative profiles. I like to utilize twitter for this, yet you can likewise utilize Instagram, Facebook, or LinkedIn.

Furthermore, we should not forget the worksheets. Your optimal clients may as of now be posting occupations on UpWork, ProBlogger, or other places of work.

“Gracious incidentally, we’ve made a rundown of 21 occupation sheets to get you began!How do I pitch myself as a freelancer?”

How to monitor everything

In case you’re sending various pitches every week, it’s critical to monitor everybody you’ve connected with and each and every individual who’s answered. We suggest utilizing a Trello board or a basic Google spreadsheet. Keep everything in one spot and update it regularly.

Take our Google following sheet!

What To Include

Each fruitful pitch has a few normal components.

This is what you have to remember for your pitch:

A solid and infectious opening

A comprehension of the activity posting or the organization’s needs

Instances of your work

Important tributes

A proposal to work together


In the event that you can remember every one of these things for your pitch, you will get the consideration of the per user.

What’s more, here are a few additional things to recall when composing your pitches:

Make it about the client, not you

Try not to open your proposition with your name, work title, and long periods of experience. This isn’t a resume.

Start with a blast by promptly demonstrating you comprehend what their objectives and necessities are.

Fabricate trust

Tributes and pertinent examples will help you gigantically. You need to exhibit how you can take care of their issues with PROOF by showing your previous work, referencing comparative ventures you’ve done, or sharing a suggestion.

Incorporate a simple CTA

Continuously give the potential client a simple source of inspiration, such as planning a call to examine the task. In the event that you leave the client without any directions on how to continue, they likely won’t make a move and will before long forget about your email.

How Often To Pitch

You can’t pitch once and hope to be completely reserved out. At long last, pitching is a numbers game. The more you do it, the more work you’ll get.

Reliably pitching implies ensuring your schedule is full of clients, and that there is a lot of work not too far off also.

You’ll have to make sense of what works best for you, yet we recommend picking a reasonable number (1-2 pitches for each day in case you’re outsourcing full time, 3-5 pitches for each week in case you’re outsourcing as an afterthought) and attempt to hit that objective consistently for a quarter of a year.

You will presumably get to a point where you can back off with your pitches since you’ve developed a network of clients who are bringing you rehash work or referrals. That is great! Be that as it may, don’t stop totally. You despite everything need to open yourself to new clients all the time to keep the work streaming.

How Templates Can Save You Time

You may be thinking… “this all sounds incredible. In any case, I don’t have the opportunity to compose that numerous pitches.” Well, that is actually why you need layouts!

Having a format can spare you the time and exertion of beginning without any preparation for every single pitch.

In the event that a “without any preparation” pitch takes both of you hours and a templated pitch takes you 30 minutes, you can undoubtedly spare 7-21 hours out of each week in case you’re sending 1-2 pitches for every day. Yea, on the off chance that you figured you didn’t have the opportunity to pitch reliably, having formats will help tremendously!

Rather than beginning without any preparation each time you have to pitch a likely client, you’ll have the option to pull up the privilege modified for-you format, roll out a few improvements or increments so it fits the individual/organization you’re pitching consummately, and hit send. That is minutes of work rather than hours.


There’s no set length that a pitch should be, however, a general rule of thumb is that it relies upon the task’s unpredictability. For little, one-off employments, the pitch is likely to be a lot shorter than a long haul, complex venture. For instance, a pitch to edit a blog article might only be a couple of passages, while a pitch to alter an 80,000-word book more than a while is likely to be around a page long.

Recollect that the customer wouldn’t like to peruse heaps of information, particularly when they might get many specialists pitching for the work, so only incorporate pertinent information and attempt to keep your wording succinct. Now, You have answered of this question, How do I pitch myself as a freelancer?




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