The Mars is the fourth planet from the sun in  the solar system. It is about 227.9 km away from the sun. there found evidence of water on the mars that shows that there is the life on the mars in the past and raise the question of LIFE.  It is very interesting to know that if there would be life on mars, is it separate from earth life origin…how they live…how they are look like?. Today scientist pay their focus on the mars life. If try to find  out organic material on the mars because the presence of water and organic material is evidence of that life is exist on the mars in past. Now-a-day scientist found organic material in soil and rock.


   Now, the mars is  very cold dry desert land. It surface condition are not suitable for the existence of life. Temperature on the mars is about -60 degree C , atmospheric temperature is about 120 torr very less as compared sea level pressure on earth surface, ultra violent radiation are of 190nm enough to penetrate the land. But the evidence of water found has been not diresct observation of liquid water and found in form of ice vapours and some rock are also found on mars that are  only in the presence of water. The best example of long-term flow of water in mars is NANEDIA VALLIS in XANTHE TERRA MARS.  The CANYON is about 2km across.


The scientist are trying to create a life on the mars. They consider that life on the earth is come from the mars. They send their big machine Robert and also send their helicopter on the mars. They make people ready to live on the mars and try to make life their in martian environment.

                                           But in QURAN the holy book of muslims ALLAH HAD told that the live is originated on the earth first by the HAZART ADAM (A.S) and HAZART HAWA (A.S). as ALLAH told in QURAN:

Also told that :

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