“The process by which nutrients are acquired and utilized in the body is called nutrition.” It can also be defined as “All process involved in take in of nutrients and utilized according to the need of body is called nutrition”. This process help us in obtain energy from nutrients for growth, development, reproduction, repair of damaged body parts, to derive out metabolic process of body (etc).Organism can be divided into two mode of take in nutrients AUTOTROPHIC NUTRIENTS and HETEROTROPHIC NUTRIENTS .


              All the insectivorous plants are true autotrophs but they capture prey to fulfill their nitrogen deficiency. This makes their growth rapid. The trapped insects are digested either by bacteria or enzymes secreted by plant leaves. These plant get nitrogen from the insects body which proves very benefit for it. Some of the insectivorous plants are :

Pitcher plant.

Venus fly trap.

Sundew plant.


The scientific name of pitcher plant is SARRACENIA PUPUREA. Inside the pitcher or sac, they have modified leaves which is partly filled  with water. Leave end is modified into hood, partly enclosed the open mouth of the pitcher . They have numerous stiff hair in pitcher that prevents small insect that fall into pitcher plant from being climbing out. The body of insect is decomposed by bateria or enzymes and it fills it nitrogen requirment.


                         The scientific name of this plant is DIONAEA MUSCIPULA. Midrib is bilobed between the leaf. At the margin of each lobe there is a rows of long stiff bristles . When the sensitive hairs on the surface of leaves comes in contact with insects, the lobes close quickly with teir bristles interlocked. The plant release enzymes through gland with help in decomposition of insect trapped and get nitrogen from their body.


The scientific of sundew plant is DROSERA INTERMEDIA. Have another type of modification of leave to showe it activity. There are numerous hair like tentacles on tiny leaves, each as gland at it tip. The plant attracted the insect through odour. As insect is trapped is by plant it decompose it with help of enzyme and fulfill it nitrogen requirment.

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