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Dyspepsia is an imperfect or incomplete digestion. This is itself not diseases but it is symptomatic of another diseases. It symptoms are abdominal discomfort, flatulence, heart burn, nausea and vomiting. The symptoms are occur in different pattern may be irregularly. The excessive acidity in stomach or faulty function of stomach and intestine or insufficient quality or quantity of bile secretion leads to dyspepsia.


When a person has abnormal amount of fat on the body then he become obese. Eats food too much than body requirement case to be obese because surplus is stored as fat in body. The fat get stored in adipose tissues around the kidneys and under the skin. Some people never seem to get fat no matter how much they eat the food, while some peoples eats very less according to their need. This is because of balance of hormone which, to some extent, is determined by heredity. The obesity cause some dangerous disorders in a person like high blood pressure, heart diseases, diabetes mellitus, stomach disorder than a person has normal body weight.


The fear of becoming obese cause loss of appetite to dangerous level called anorexia nervosa. Such feeling is common in human female between the age of 12 to 21 years. Fear remains active until weight is dropped to dangerous level. Psychiatric therapy is usually required in most cause. This is a type of illness which largely effect on girls usually just after the onset of puberty. Such females often immature psychologically, unable to cope with the puberty challenges and their emerging sexuality. They over estimated the size of her own body and consider them self to be over-weight. The loss of feminine characteristic unable them to retreat into child like state in which they feel safe. The recovery is slow. It may take 2-4 years and may also longer.

  • ULCER:

As the inner all of digestive tract is covered with the mucus, which protects it from enzyme. In some cases, the layer of mucus is break down and the enzyme digest the wall of stomach or duodenum  result in sore called ulcer. It is very dangerous that even it can create whole in the wall of digestive tract and the contents of the tract spill into abdominal cavity result in very severe infections which may proves fatal. Most famous ulcer is peptic ulcer by pepsin enzyme.

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