The Effects of Teachers Attitudes on Students temperament and Performance

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A teacher along with teaching ways and what is more with his attitudes and behavior, provides his students to achieve a mentally healthy temperament and to possess a replacement clear position by departure unforgettable  traces on them. this can be a preparation study to uncover however attitudes of lecturers have an effect on the personalities and performances of scholars. during this sense this study can give Associate in Nursing super understanding of education and therefore the dynamics of relationship between lecturers and students on the far side the restricted areas of categories and courses. Sample cluster of analysis consists of wholly 353 students from completely different departments of Istanbul Vulture University and Maltepe University. By giving an issue to the scholars were asked to convey samples of their grammar school, school, high school and university teachers’ positive and negative attitudes and behavior similarly on tell however it effects their temperament development and performances by giving samples. the foremost vital findings of the analysis proven that teachers’ positive attitudes have completely influence students’ temperament similarly as their life performances.


Children throughout the school amount learn to develop respect for others. They find out how to figure and play with others. Students’ learning is that the major focus of the academic system. the most issue that might have an effect on students’ learning is teaching. lecturers will encourage students to participate within the learning activities. during this study, the scientist goes to look at teacher-pupil interaction within the room activities and conclude the link between teacher’s behavior and students’ behavior within the room activities at the first stage.


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