This lovely Image Comes from a Dinosaur Bone!


This is AN image from within the inflexible furbelow of a horned dinosaur. once careful hours of slicing the bone to the thickness of a person’s hair, and placing it underneath a high supercharged microscope we not solely get this gorgeous, up-close image of a fossil but with the correct coaching, scientists are able to “read” these images to learn most more about the animal.

The Museum of the Rockies Paleohistology Lab is one in every of the few places within the world wherever analysis like this can be performed. Their collection of over two,200 thin-sliced slides of fossil specimens gives paleontologists the chance to study dinosaur physiology and behavior at a microscopic level.

Beyond a good looking image of a fossil!

Paleontologist has such a lot of insights to offer! one among-ll|one among-st|one in every of} the nice queries in paleontology is whether or not or not fossils that look the same as one another come back from entirely totally different species or ar simply from the various stages in a species’ development. Studies (like the one from the image at the highest of the article) ar victimization paleontologist to facilitate United States of America higher perceive these sorts of complexities within the fossil record.

An even nearer look…

Bones aren’t the sole places the fossil record helps United States of America uncover what the prehistoric past gave the impression of. Scientists also are gazing the impressions and inflexible remains of archosaur feathers at a microscopic level to see however colourful these creatures were!


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