News Feed To simplify multiple account management, Instagram developing an account...

To simplify multiple account management, Instagram developing an account linking feature


Its recent launch of multi-account posting with all your updates, Instagram is now also developing the new option to connect many accounts to a single log-in, enabling you to more easily manage your various Instagram presences.

The new option would give Instagram users a range of their account management options, which would extend beyond simply being able to more easily manage business-related, additional accounts.

For example, a key trend mostly among younger users has been to operate secondary ‘Finstagram’ accounts where they can share more personal updates without fear of the judgment that comes on their main profile. 

“[Finstagram] completely went against all that Instagram had been for me in the past two or three years I have been on the social network. I have learned that Instagram posts are art. It can take a lot of time for me to post a photo (or any post) on Instagram. I need to decide the photo to post & ask friends for advice on captions, make sure every blemish is not seen, & edit it. I, along with other teens, spend this time because we know that everyone will see it & it can define who you are.”

The Instagram trend is reportedly what lead to the internal development of Instagram for more enclosed sharing options, including ‘Close Friends’ group for sharing your Stories (Photos), & private list ‘Favorite’ for your regular posts, where you would be able to choose certain groups of friends with whom you would share specific updates.

The latter option remains in development, & could be supplanted by this new account linking option, if the functionality does, indeed, go on to be rolled out to all.

But it also raises an interesting question – how many Instagram users, exactly, are operating multiple accounts?

Of course, as noted, there would be many users who also run business accounts, but the option to link multiple profiles here seems more aligned with the aforementioned Finstagram trend, for users who have several personal profiles. Given Instagram’s working on a solution to cater to this, you’d have to assume that it’s a reasonably common trend – & given that, what does that mean for Instagram’s actual user count?

Instagram, at present, sees a billion active users monthly – but does it really? What would the real number be if they accounted for this type of usage?

In all likelihood, Instagram usage would still be very high, so it’s not to say that usage of secondary profiles is artificially inflating the user count of Instagram to a significant degree. But still, it does highlight the issue of what platform user count actually represents & with both Twitter & Facebook announcing that they will be switching to new user count metrics in their quarterly reportage in future, it is an interesting point to consider.


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