Health What can I do, if I feel giving up?

What can I do, if I feel giving up?


Sometimes life can feel ​impossible. There’s never enough time to break-ups happen, to get all of the homework done, mom continuously nags about chores, and friendships go through conflict. Sometimes things can get so overwhelming that you might want to crawl into your bed & never leave the safety of your covers. Or maybe your thoughts are more serious, & you’ve considered ending your life to escape your situation. What you are going through no matter, just know that you can get through this.

Here are 18 questions to ask yourself if you are feeling helpless, hopeless, or just down in the dumps.

  1. Did you take a shower today? If you have not bathed yourself in the last 24 hours, go do it right now.
  2. Have you eaten anything healthy in the last few hours? Soda & candy bars don’t cut it. Go eat something that can give healthy energy to your body, like a handful of nuts, a banana, or a piece of cheese.
  3. Have you had any water to drink in the past hour? Being dehydrated can make anyone to feel terrible. Go & drink some water.
  4. Did you get enough sleep last night? If not, take the nap. Go to bed one or two hours earlier tonight. Sleep is critically important for good physical & mental health, so make sure you are getting enough on a daily basis.
  5. Have you gone on a walk in the last 24 hours? Not just a walk to the fridge or bathroom, but a walk that lasts around half hour. If going outside is not an option for you, walk around the large store or mall.
  6. Is it daytime, and are you dressed? Take off your pajamas and get cleaned up. Wear something that you really like, such as a dress, nice shirt, or your favorite pair of shoes. Put on make-up. Shave.
  7. Is it nighttime, and you can’t sleep? Go get your pajamas on. Fill your bed up with pillows, blankets, or stuffed animals. Put all electronics away, & then lay down with your eyes closed for 15 minutes. It might help to turn on a fan, noise machine, or an hour-long YouTube video with rain falling sound.
  8. Any recent medication changes? If you’ve been put on (or taken off) of a medication, have been switched to a generic brand, or missed a dose, this can really throw your body & mind for a loop. Wait a few days & see if things improve, but it they do not, give your doctor a call and let them know.
  9. Do you feel unattractive? Go back to question 6, then take a selfie & post it on social media. Your friends will love your pic & you’ll feel better about yourself.
  10. Did you sing today or dance today? If not, turn on any song you know by heart, move to music, & sing at the top of your lungs.
  11. Have you hugged someone recently? If not, this time to go approach the friend, sibling, parent, or even your pet to get a hug. You may be surprise at how some basic physical contact will turn even the worst day around.
  12. Have you given someone a compliment in the past 24 hours? If not, go do it. This could be on the social media or in person. Wait until you see something incredible about someone & then let them know.
  13. Do your friends know what you’re going through? If not, call them right now & tell them. It’s important that you let other people know that how you’re feeling.
  14. Are you focused forward, or do you dwell on the past? Past events and things in this moment may be painful, but what about in a month, 2 year, 5 years? You never know which wonderful things may be around the corner for you. Allow yourself to hope & dream; set goals, and look at the road ahead instead of your rearview mirror.
  15. When is the last time you’ve told your story? It is important to write or talk about what you have been through. Today, write about your journey in the journal or via a blog or safe forum.
  16. Do you feel unproductive? Make the list of two small things you can complete today (i.e. dishes, laundry, responding to an email, homework assignment), and go do it.
  17. Do you feel frozen by a major decision you have to make? Take 10 minutes & come up with a plan for your day. Make a to-do list & start working through it. Put the major decision on the backburner for a several hours, & focus on the little tasks you need to accomplish. At the end of the day, journal about your major decision, as this can help to process all your thoughts. The right decision will come to you at the actual time.
  1. Have you exhausted yourself lately- physically, socially, emotionally, or intellectually? Giving a lot of yourself to any activity can take a toll that might last for a few days. Think of yourself as a battery, you need time to recharge after you’ve used up the energy. Be gentle with yourself, & take time to recoup. Maybe that looks like watching the spending time alone, funny movie, or sleeping a few extra hours this week.


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