IT Computer What is Android? A complete Beginners Guide.

What is Android? A complete Beginners Guide.


Android is the mobile OS (operating system) which developed by a Silicon Valley company by the name of Android Inc.

The collaboration spearheaded by Google in 2007 through the Open Handset Alliance (OHA) gave Android the edge in delivering a complete software set, which includes the main Operating System, middleware & specific mobile application, or app.

Patterned after the Linux kernel, the Android OS also was released as open source code. Development for the Android may be done through Linux, Windows, or Mac. Although primarily written in Java, there is no JDM (Java Development Machine) in the platform.

Instead of allowing the Java programs to run through the JDM, Google developed Dalvik, a virtual machine specifically designed for the Android. Dalvik runs recompiled Java code & reads it as Dalvik bytecode & was designed to optimize battery power & maintain functionality in an environment with limited memory & CPU power, such as that of mobile phones, netbooks & tablet PCs.

One of the Android’s selling points is an ability to break down the application boundaries. Another advantage is that it can easily develop, not to mention its speed of app development. A large community of developers continuously devises & designs apps that enhance the capability of devices. These apps are then made available worldwide through Android Market Google’s, or other third-party sites.

The Android software itself is developed in the conjunction with Google, who releases major updates to the Android platform every year. Manufacturers which run Android on their phones include Samsung, Huawei, Lenovo, Sony, HTC, LG & many others; it’s currently operational on more than one billion of devices.

Where does from the Android OS come?

Android comes from Google, who actually acquired Android in 2005 (no, Google did not invent it). The search giant performs regular updates along with the annual major update.

The operating system is based on the Linux kernel, if your friends work in IT, you may have heard of it. This is the Linux / GNU operating system based structure, which is a Unix type system (portable operating system, multitasking & multi-user). The Linux kernel is one of the most prominent examples of software’s (free of cost).

Why Android looks different on each phone?

Android doesn’t look different on all devices, but it does have a number of different versions. Android is the open-source, which means that manufacturers are free to customize the software & make it their own. 

The ‘purest’ version of Android is often referred to as ‘stock Android’ & it’s often preferred by the Android community: it’s the original software as the Google intended. Other UI (user interfaces) include Samsung’s TouchWiz, Huawei’s & Sony’s Xperia’s Emotion.

What are the advantages of Android OS?

For example, if you want iOS (iPhone Operating System), you have a choice of iPhone, iPhone or iPhone. If you go for Android there are stacks of the great devices to choose from, from cheap & cheerful handsets to really impressive flagships. Those flagships are often cheaper than the equivalent all Apple devices, too.

Android’s choice is not just about hardware. It’s also about everything else. Android is incredibly easy to customize, both in the terms of how it looks & how it works, & the various app stores aren’t as tightly controlled as its rivals’ stores, like Apple.

Which is best thing about Android OS?

Options, a lot of options. With Android you have hundreds of gadgets at your cheapest, the disposal, the most expensive & innovative market. Android is also incredibly to customizable, both in their roles, as in his appearance. You can really make the unique mobile experience for yourself with this OS.


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