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What is Hand Sanitation? You are washing your hands wrong by Skillsscoop.com


The only thing worse than being uninformed as being ill-informed. Thinking you are going about things the right way (when you are actually totally wrong) is far more damaging to whatever goal you are trying to achieve than if you simply are not sure what to do. With allergy season kicking into high gear (& colds & sinus infections springing up left & right), here are a few things you might need to know about hand sanitation.

1. Hand Sanitizer is Probably Making things worse

According to a recent study in the journal Emerging Infectious Diseases, many of the homemade hand sanitizer recipes & at least one brand on store shelves contain considerably less than the 60 percent alcohol minimum recommended by health officials to kill viruses & bacteria.

A specialist in infection control did an experiment with his friend’s class of biology students & found that the 40 percent alcohol discount hand sanitizer actually seemed to spread the bacteria around on the hand, giving you more surface area to rub in your eyes, nose, & mouth. In this case, literally doing nothing would have been better than using this lousy form of the hand sanitation.

Luckily, Quality Logo Products offers several different kinds of hand sanitizers that contain over 60 percent alcohol in the ingredients. You can find a spray bottle, a credit card shaped dispenser, & a cool squeeze bottle with fun little beads.

2. hand-Free faucets spread more germs than Manual Faucets

Researchers at Johns Hopkins have conducted a study on water samples from hands-free & manual faucets. They discovered that about 50 percent of the water samples from the hands-free faucets & 15 percent of the water samples from the manual faucets tested positive for legionella &/or other bacteria. While the author of the study goes on to say that the number of bacteria found would not likely be a problem for healthy people, that does not erase the ick factor. After all, would you brush your teeth if there was a 50 percent chance that a fleck of poop was on the bristles? That’s a coin flip, my friends.

3. It’s Handwashing, not a part-time Job

Besides the fact that the Center for Disease Control’s (CDC) hand hygiene slogan is ominous: “Clean Hands Save Lives” (which implies that DIRTY HANDS END LIVES), you have got something else to be worried about: how much time you are setting aside for the ol’ scrubby scrub. Sure, you may wash before & after using the washroom, eating meals, & poking open wounds. But how much time is that taking up? The CDC recommends that you scrub AT LEAST 20 seconds.

Go ahead & count out 20 seconds. I’ll wait.

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