The natural science that is related with the study of non-living things is called “physics” . Physics include the following subjects: the structure of atoms, heat, electricity, light, magnetism, sound and other radiation.(simple).    


         “It is the branch of science that is related with the study of behavior and physical properties of matter and energy and their mutual interaction”. It also include study of phenomenon of something. Physics is the natural science in which we study the matter and its motion and nature along time and space also studies the comparable entities of force and energy. physics has main goal which is to understand how the universe behaves.(outstanding).


The word physics is derived from the ANCIENT GREEK  φυσική (ἐπιστήμη),   word (translit) “physikḗ” which means “KNOWLEDGE OF NATURE”.


                                                   “ALBERT EINSTEIN” was known as the father of the modern physics. EINSTEIN  was considered because of his ground breaking relatively theory. Some basic personalities has played important role in physics . These personalities are as follow:

  • NEWTON: he was known because of his famous laws of motion and gravitation.
  • GALILEO: he was known for his role in scientific resolution and his benefaction on observational astronomy.INTRODUCTION TO PHYSICS:                                                                                In the 19th century, the physical science were divided into five main branches: physics, chemistry, astronomy, geology and meteorology. The most important of these is physics. In physics we study matter , energy and their mutual interaction.   SIGNIFICANCE OF PHYSICS:

                                                                                        IN our daily life, we less find a thing where physics is not involved. The rapid increase in science during the recent years has made impossible due to inventions and discoveries in the physics. Like electricity is not only used to get light and heat. The mechanical energy that is used to drive fans and electric motors etc. it also provide means of communication like radio, T.V, mobile phones and computer etc are the result of application of physics. The above devices have made our lives much faster, easier and more comfortable. physics has discover many forces like friction and gravitational force etc. how a body stops working and how a body falls down when we thrown it up and also many things  are easier to know through physics.


                                                                        There are many branches find in physics . some important of these are as follow:


                        It is the branch of physics in which we study the motion of various objects. The mechanic physics commonly cite with the motion of large things. It also study the effect of motion and its causes on material objects.



            The branch of physics that is related with the movement of molecules and atoms in objects. When an object has high temperature , its atom are moving faster, which means it has high kinetic energy. Then greater the energy present as heat. This branch also deals with the nature of heat , mode of transfer and effect of heat in various objects.



                    Sound is the branch of physics in which we study the vibration that is ordinarily cultivated by a discernible wave of pressure through a communication medium. this branch also deals with the physical aspects of sound, their production , properties and applications.



             It is the branch of physics that is related with the electromagnetic radiation of wavelength that is either visible or invisible. This branch also study the physical aspects of light , its properties , working and use of optical instruments.



                                It is the branch of physics that is agitated with the structure of atoms and the properties of subatomic particles. It  is also related with the order of electrons around nucleus.


      LINK :  here is a link for physics further explanation:





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