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“The knowledge gain through observation and experiment called science(simple)▪

“The cognitive and practical activity surrounding the methodical study of the structure and behavior of physical and natural world through inspection and experiment”(outstanding).


The word science is originate from “SCIENTIA” an  ‘LATIN’ word  which means ‘KNOWLEDGE’.


‘GALILEO’ is a father of modern science. He also introduce modern physics, astronomy and observation science.


IN DAILY LIFE; Science has invented many things for us that has great importance in our life. Infact without science we have least facilities of life,we get so much involve in science that we even use every thing in our daily routine is based on science. In the absence of science, we unable to have electricity mean no mobiles, internet, facebook. We would not have fridges to preserve our food, television to viseulize thing, cars to travel in it. There is very importance of science in our life  because it aid us to improve our today world in which we live. Science improves the life of human at different and each stage, from a single living to major  global concerns. Science play an constructive role in our life. Everyday application of scientific knowledge, apart from the ubiquitous technology peoples constantly use, are many and diverse. We are living in the world of science. Each thing we use in our life is based on science.

SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGE; Technology, science and knowledge are important in modern contemporary society. Technology become apart of life. Technology had take place in every field of science. All the technology that ever been produce is with the help of science. Science and technology now has became very important concern of life. We use technology in our normal routine life (e.g in mobiles, in transport, in health problems). It make our much easier to live. The technological revolution of 21st century are emerging from entirely new sectors, based on micro-processors, tele-communication, bio-technology and nano-technology.


                                 Scientific fields or scientific disciplines are commonly divided into three types:

FORMAL SCIENCE; The study of mathematics and logic which use an theoretical, as opposed to authentic methodology.

NATURAL SCIENCE; The study of natural fact (all chemical, physical and biological factors of universe) called as natural science.

EXAMPLES; Physics , Chemistry, geology, Biology.

      SOCIAL SCIENCE ; The study of human nature and societies and social interrelations known as social science.

EXAMPLES; Human geography, Demography, Archaeology , Linguistics.



LIFE  SCIENCE; The branch of science that matters with the study of life existence is called life science.

EXAMPLES; physiology, biochemistry, microbiology (e.t.c).




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