Who is most better !” Google Docs & Microsoft Office”


Most of us have used Google Docs and Microsoft Office. But which one is better? The two offer a variety of benefits and features.Below, gets a closer look at why you may want to pay for Office even though you can get Google Drive for free.

5 ways, why Microsoft Office is better than Google Docs

  1. Most people know Word

Word is the most commonly word processing program in the world. Most peoples know how to use it. That means if you need to send a document to anyone, chances are good they will understand how to open it up and use it if it’s in Word.


2. Google Docs offers fewer features

When comparing Google Docs and Microsoft Word, it’s easy to see that Docs has fewer features. For those users who enjoy having the ability to handle unique layouts and embedding plenty of graphics, this is going to work in your favor. Adding an image can be difficult at best with Google Docs, but its take only a minute when you are using Word.

3. Excel is easier than Sheets

Google Sheets and Microsoft Excel are fairly similar. You could easily get used the both options. One key factor that helps the Excel stand out is its ribbon. It is very easy to access and use to create the formulas. This helps to speed up the process for many users. For those who rely on Sheets, you may not notice the much difference. However, it is very easier to collaborate with others using Sheets

4. PowerPoint rules

For those who are creating the slideshows — whether they are for a company meeting or a classroom discussion — PowerPoint from Microsoft tends to be the better option overall. The program offers the more features, and you can create a presentation from scratch within minutes.

5. Latest upgrade of Microsoft makes it easier to share

With the latest version of Microsoft Office, individuals can collaborate more effectively. Your materials are all stored in the cloud, too, which means you have better access them. This used to be the biggest downfall of the Microsoft — it lacked cloud access and connectivity. That gave Google Drive the leg up for the long time.

When it comes to down it, either program is accessible and fairly easy to use. The Microsoft is the far more feature-heavy, though, and tends to be on the cutting edge of new tools.


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