“Teaching means convey your knowledge “Somewhere its means “transfer your ideas”    But actual it means get awareness of anything and tell the others. Everyone is not born with knowledge, when anybody comes in this world. He gets knowledge from others. First, He gets knowledge from his mother.

Then he gets knowledge to other family members. After that Parents feel their child should get knowledge about social and spiritual duties .So they consult a perfect person or perfect institute, so their child should get knowledge about the world. Then they send their child to school or tuition center to get knowledge, So he get knowledge and as early as possible, He will able to understand a lot of things ,good and bad. Education is so much important for all kids. It develops in kid’s perspective of looking at life. Education makes a person perfect.

  • Who are teachers?

Teaching is the only one profession who built all the others professions.

Teachers make the nation .Teachers make the society. Teachers make the scientist, doctor, engineer and others profession person. Teachers are scholar to teach the students and convey their knowledge to the students. They don’t only teach the course outline but also teach the spiritual education. Actual they make perfect human being. So teachers are our nation need.

  • Teachers change lives

Teachers are most influential role model for developing student. There are many endless stories of the teachers which make the pupil educator.

They create the relationship between educator and pupil. It is not important to change the student‘s life, which is why it takes a great teacher to do so.

Here are three categories that are directly affected by great teachers.


A great teacher makes learning fun and engages the students in different activities. Make their classroom an exciting environment for learning.
In this way students learn best, When they have good environment and interest. It is the part of job to motivating the students, it will benefit to the students personality. Education is so much important for all of us.
Education tells us about right and wrong, Education play a great role in the life of everyone all through the life. Getting proper education is very necessary to get happy and success life. It develops personality of people, provide physical and mental standard. Good education constructive in nature and it constructs our future. It helps the person to increase its knowledge of health, body and status of mind and spirit. It is single ways to get success as well as you grow. Being a good educated never means to get certificate and get good salary, it also means to good social person in life. Education is a fundamental right of everyone; it will change your desire and give you best as well as possible
 Inspiration
I think many students inspire their teachers. Students who inspired their teachers are accomplishing wonderful thing, that motivation always stay with them. If the teacher is amazing then we will get wonderful pupil in future. Because they follow their teachers, a teacher has ability to inspire their student who will be long remembering.
Now a day’s knowledge is at our fingertip. We don’t need to go school and gets facts and figure, because we have Google, Wikipedia, and other browsers where we write our question and get the answer. So why do we need a teacher?
Effective teaching is focusing why and how “not what” The teacher should be spark, active and knowing the brain of the student. She engaged the students with her in different activities. Then student takes interest in her subject and her teacher’s personality .In these way students will learn more and will get secure future.
 Guidance
Teacher’s guidance is very much important. If the student’s follow the teacher’s guidance, in this way teachers makes their character.
It is effect to improving the quality of teachers to improve our student’s future. So teachers should guide the students in this way they will understand. Sometimes teachers teach the entire topic but student don’t have any idea about their topic. So teachers have different strategies to declare their topic, which make full of interest and amazing for student, they don’t feel bore and absorb all the knowledge. So it is so much important, Teachers guide the student should be in good way.
 Knowledge and assessment for student

Teachers provide knowledge to the students; in this way they have able to fulfill their assignment. Teachers have pattern to provide the material to the students. They follow their pattern and give knowledge step by step. In this way student absorb all the knowledge and they will able to give the answers of all the question. After that they will complete their assignment. After providing some specific knowledge, Teachers take assessment for the students to check their mental level. Everyone get the knowledge from the net but in a institute you get knowledge in a pattern it is more useful to a student.
 Experiment and Lab
When you get knowledge from a teacher and belong to an institute .so they provide you full environment to get more knowledge. If you have some topics which have practical then you can do practical by yourself. And if you want to get some research then institute provide a lab for research and provide you a teacher for helping. This is a correct way to get knowledge by practically, orally an you prepare your mind more sharp and get more knowledge because you have good instructor .So teacher is our need to make education easy, interesting, and enhancing knowledge.

Here is a link for getting more knowledge about teaching.


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